International Conference on Communication, Networks and Satellite ICCNS on December 16-17, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain

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International Conference on Communication, Networks and Satellite (ICCNS) December 16, 2022 - Barcelona, Spain
Advanced communication techniques
Antenna technologies
Business applications of telecommunications
Communication theory
Communications protocols
Earth terminal systems
Effects of legislation and regulation on telecommunications
Frameworks for wireless security
Information assurance
Integrated services for disaster relief
Location- and context-aware distributed systems
Management of telecommunications in organizations
Military applications and architectures
Modulation and coding
Radio communications
Regulatory and spectrum sharing issues
Software defined radios
System integration and interoperability
Use of distributed services over wireless
Adoption and diffusion of networking technologies
Computer networks
Cross-border network-based information systems
Design and performance evaluation of new network application and systems
Designing, deploying and using networked systems in specialized sectors (i.e. Health, Education, Manufacturing)
Emerging networking trends
Enterprise networks
Grid, cluster and Internet computing
Internetworking and network protocols
Mobile computing, mobile networks, and mobile agents
Mobility and m-commerce issues
Network architectures, services, switching, routing, and applications
Network convergence
Network management and security
Network measurements, performance analysis and evaluation
Network pricing issues and strategies
Network resource and QoS
Optical network
Outsourcing of networking and data communication services
Pervasive computing environments
Sensor, mesh, and ad hoc networks
Standards and network interoperability issues
Strategic use of networking technologies
Success factors of networked systems
Telecommuting, remote access and VPNs
Advances in launching spacecrafts
Interactivity via satellite
Intersatellite links
Novel satellite-enabled services
Propagation and mitigation techniques at Ku, Ka and V-bands
Satellite architecture
Satellite payload
Satellite subsystems and components
Terrestrial-airborne-space integration

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