International Conference on Collaboration, Social Computing, New Media and Networks ICCSCNMN on October 28-29, 2021 in Paris, France

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International Conference on Collaboration, Social Computing, New Media and Networks (ICCSCNMN) October 28, 2021 - Paris, France
Architectures and Design of Social Systems
Qualitative and Quantitative Studies of Social Media and Networks
Social Networks Interfaces and Interaction Techniques
Machine Learning Methods for Social Computing
Human Machine Interaction in Social Computing
Community and Organization Multi Media
Social Networks Enablement via Multi-Modality Social Media
New Social Media Applications
Semantic Web for Social Computing
Web Driven Media Creation
Exploration and Analysis of Social Networks
Psychological, Personality-based and Ethnographic Studies of Social Networks
Modeling of Social Behavior
Modeling of Social Media and Networks
Data Modeling for Social Networks
Social Computing and Networking Tools, Techniques and Technologies
Social Networking Software
Discovery, Collection, and Extraction of Social Networks Data
Processing of Social Stream Data
Collaborative Filtering and Recommendation Systems for Social Networks
Text Categorization; Topic Recognition; Demographic/Gender/Age Identification
Subjectivity in Textual Data; Sentiment Analysis; Polarity/Opinion Identification and Extraction
Social Search, Mining and Discovery
Large-scale Social Image and Video Analysis and Retrieval
Collective and Social Intelligence
Emotional and Cultural Dynamics
Trend Identification and Tracking
Security and Risk in Social Contexts
Privacy Policies for Online Social Networks
Privacy and Security Tradeoffs in Social Networks
Access Control in Online Social Networks
Trust, Reputation and Recommendation Systems
Summarization of Massive Social Networks Data
Social Media Tools; Navigation and Visualization
Visualization of Social Networks
Services in Social Networks
Leveraging Social Networks in the Enterprise
Social Network Mapping in the B2B Sphere
Dealing with Sensitive Information
New Technologies and Trends for Social Computing

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