International Conference on Cognitive Radio Networks, Algorithms and Protocols ICCRNAP on May 13-14, 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Cognitive Radio Networks, Algorithms and Protocols (ICCRNAP) May 13, 2023 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Cognitive radio and networks
Challenges and issues in designing cognitive radios and cognitive radio networks
Architectures and building blocks of cognitive radio networks
Spectrum sensing, measurements and statistical modeling of spectrum usage
Waveform design, modulation, interference aggregation, and mitigation for cognitive radio
Distributed cooperative spectrum sensing and multiuser access
Cognitive medium access control, interference management, and interference modeling
Dynamic spectrum sharing
Handoff and routing protocols
Resource allocation for multi-antenna based cognitive radio communications
Energy-efficient cognitive radio communications and networking
Self-configuration, interoperability and co-existence issues
Distributed adaptation and optimization methods
Machine learning techniques for cognitive radio systems
Architecture and implementation of database-based cognitive radio networks
Cooperative and coordinated communications
Economic aspects of spectrum sharing in cognitive radio networks
Regulatory policies and their interactions with communications and networking
Privacy and security of cognitive spectrum-agile networks
Attack modeling, prevention, mitigation, and defense in cognitive radio systems
Physical-layer secrecy in cognitive networks
Modeling and performance evaluation
Quality of service provisioning in cognitive radio networks
Applications and services
Cognitive radio standards, test-beds, simulation tools, and hardware prototypes

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