International Conference on ​Cognitive Computing Systems, Technologies and Robotics ICCCSTR on February 15-16, 2023 in London, United Kingdom

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International Conference on ​Cognitive Computing Systems, Technologies and Robotics (ICCCSTR) February 15, 2023 - London, United Kingdom
Cognitive computing and systems
Artificial intelligence and signal processing
Machine learning
Natural language processing
Speech recognition and vision
Human–computer interaction
Dialog and narrative generation
Speech recognition
Sentiment analysis
Face detection
Risk assessment
Fraud detection
Behavioral recommendations
Cognitive knowledge acquisition
Frameworks for acquiring cognitive knowledge
Tools and methodologies for cognitive knowledge acquisition
Natural language processing for cognitive knowledge acquisition
Sentiment analysis and opinion mining
Linguistic resources and cognitive knowledge acquisition
Machine learning techniques for cognitive knowledge acquisition
Acquisition from media other than text
Linked data and cognitive knowledge acquisition
Emerging approaches for cognitive knowledge acquisition
Principled evaluation of acquired cognitive knowledge
Representing, formalizing and reasoning with cognitive knowledge
Ontologies for cognitive systems
Representation languages for cognitive knowledge
Reasoning about cognitive knowledge
Development of cognitive systems
Architectures for cognitive systems
Scalability of cognitive systems
Complex cognitive systems
Fuzzy cognitive systems

Real­world applications that exploit cognitive knowledge
Cognitive systems for big data scenarios
Cognitive techniques for deep learning
Cognitive techniques for persuasion and recommender systems
Cognitive robotics
Cognitive techniques for information retrieval
Deployment of cognitive systems in specific domains. For example:
Digital humanities and social sciences
E-government and public administration
Life sciences, health and medicine
Social media, news, and data streams

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Address: UAE

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