International Conference on Cognitive and Neural Systems Engineering ICCNSE on February 08-09, 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal

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International Conference on Cognitive and Neural Systems Engineering (ICCNSE) February 08, 2024 - Lisbon, Portugal
Artificial Neural Networks
Computational neuroscience
Connectionist cognitive science
Data analysis and pattern recognition
Graphical networks models, Bayesian networks
Hardware implementations and embedded systems
Neural and hybrid architectures and learning algorithms
Neural control, reinforcement learning and robotics applications
Neural dynamics and complex systems
Real world applications
Robotics, control, planning
Signal and time series processing
Vision and image processing
Web semantics
Intelligent Multimedia and the Semantic Web

Neural Information Processing
Neural Systems Engineering
Supervised & unsupervised learning
Neural modeling & architectures
Chaos & learning theory
Reinforcement learning
Hardware implementation
Neural optimization & control
Neurobiology & neural modeling
Embedded neural systems
Neural image & signal processing
Neural audio & video systems
Neural real-world applications

Evolutionary Computation
Theory of evolutionary computation
Combinatorial & numerical optimization
Multi-objective evolutionary algorithm
Evolutionary intelligent agents
Evolutionary design
Evolutionary neural nets
Molecular & quantum computing
Ant colonies algorithm
Immune system & algorithm
Particle swarm & differential evolution
Hybrid system (Neural, Fuzzy & EC)
Evolved real-world applications

Cognitive and Neural Systems
Vision and image understanding
Speech and language
Unsupervised learning
Supervised learning
Reinforcement and emotion
Sensory-motor control
Cognition, planning, and attention
Spatial mapping and navigation
Object recognition
Neural circuit models
Neural system models
Mathematics of neural systems
Hybrid systems (fuzzy, evolutionary, digital)
Neuromorphic VLSI
Industrial applications

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