International Conference on Cloud, Networking for Internet of Things Systems ICNITS on August 16-17, 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand

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International Conference on Cloud, Networking for Internet of Things Systems (ICNITS) August 16, 2022 - Bangkok, Thailand
Deployment and autonomic management of densely interconnected and decentralised cloud infrastructures, including the extension of the fog computing paradigm to the edge of the network
Autonomic Management of Cloud networking in the context of software-defined data centres
Re-allocation of resources and services (independently of their location) across distributed computing and geographically separated data storage infrastructures
Distributed cloud wireless networking
Software Defined Infrastructure Architectures, Application Programming Interfaces Protocols and Programming languages
Efficient Network and Cloud Function Virtualization (NFV)
Service and Information Orchestration/Chaining and Life Cycle Management
Energy Efficient and Green Software-defined Infrastructures
Software-based Integration of Computing, Storage and Networks
Software-Defined Datacenters and Interdatacenter Networks
Object identity management, discovery services in IoT,
Virtualisation of objects, devices and IoT infrastructures
Adhoc Cloud services, Big Data Analytics
Interconnected smart objects and service infrastructures
Infrastructures, platforms, and software for CN4IoT scenarios
Software engineering methodology for the design of CN4IoTsystems
Dynamic orchestration of cloud resources for IoT systems and applications
Service discovery in CN4IoT- device Discovery, Data Discovery, service Discovery.
Traffic Engineering and Quality of Service (QoS) in CN4IoT
SLA Management for CN4IoT
Monitoring of CN4IoT Systems
Mobility support in CN4IoT
Security and privacy preservation in CN4IoT Systems
Building Trust-based communication and computing systems for IoT applications
HPC-Cloud Platforms for IoT Big Data Analytics
CN4IoT services (Sensing as a Service, Data Analytics as a Service, etc)
Utility Models for CN4IoT metering
IoTMicroservices, Networking and CloudLet computing
Communication challenges in CloudLet computing
Software-defined networking support for IoT device fleets (M2M applications)
Industrial IoT interacting with Clouds and Virtual Networks
Personal IoT and Physical Analytics in IoT Focusing on Applications Use Case with Small data
Hybrid Sensor/Cloud networking
SDN Switch/Router Architectures/Designs for CN4IoT
Control Architectures/Network Programmability in CN4IoT
Verification/Debugging/ Auditing Tools CN4IoT
Energy-aware and sustainable computing solutions for CN4IoT applications
Economics assessments aimed at Clouds, Data, IoT, Networking and Social in Hybrid Scenarios.
Applications for Smart Cities, BigData Applications, ICT devices used in Factory of the Future, HPC, eHealth, Industrial Pro-cesses, Energy Efficiency Systems, Social Platforms

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