International Conference on Clinical and Health Psychology of Children and Adolescents ICCHPCA on March 04-05, 2024 in Rome, Italy

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International Conference on Clinical and Health Psychology of Children and Adolescents (ICCHPCA) March 04, 2024 - Rome, Italy
Adolescents and body images
Adult psychological problems
After adoption: research and intervention proposals
Ageing and older adulthood
Attachment and emotion regulation and sex offenders
Brain injury
Child and adolescent mental health
Children and adolescents
Chronic health conditions
Chronic pain
Clinical and Health Psychology of Children and Adolescents
Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
Cognitive behavioural interventions
Cross-cultural and sociodemographic issues that have a clear bearing on clinical child and adolescent psychology in terms of theory, research, or practice
Current Approaches to Screening, Formulation and Treatment of Pediatric Psychological Distress
Development and evaluation of assessment and intervention techniques for use with clinical child and adolescent populations
Development and maintenance of clinical child and adolescent problems
Developmental factors in adolescent mental health, and intervention for bipolar disorder
Developmental psychopathology of mental health
Eating behaviours and disorders
Eating disorders and emotion
Emotions and emotion regulation
Evaluation and prevention of adolescent addictions: smoking, drinking, gaming and gambling
Evidence-based interventions to promote sexual health in youth
Interventions for prevention and treatment of bullying in educational and / or community contexts
Learning disability
Life Skills Training
Medically unexplained symptoms
Mindfulness and third wave approaches
Onset and recovery from severe and enduring psychological disorder
Parental regulation and child’s adjustment
Preventing depression in youth
Psychological interventions in health problems and behavioral disorders
Psychological therapies research
Quality of life and intellectual disabilities
Severe and enduring mental health problems
Sex offenders
The development and validation of measures
Training and professional practice in clinical child and adolescent psychology, as well as child advocacy
Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children in Foster Care
Victimization in adolescents
Well-being in adolescence: a cross-cultural perspective
Working memory training as a clinical tool to improve Working memory capacity and attention in everyday life

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