International Conference on Civil, Structural and Earthquake Engineering ICCSEE on October 20-21, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain

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International Conference on Civil, Structural and Earthquake Engineering (ICCSEE) October 20, 2022 - Barcelona, Spain
Advanced Composite Materials, Composite structures
Air pollution, Water Pollution
Air and water
Applications of Engineering Geology
Applications of FEM, Nano Technology in Civil Engineering
Architectural, Coastal, Geotechnical, Infrastructure, and Materials Engineering
Building Materials, Concrete Technology and Structural Engineering
Civil and Earth Resources Engineering
Concrete Technology, Low Cost Housing
Construction Materials and Construction Equipment
Construction Planning and Management
Construction Management and Safety
Cost and Project Management
Disaster Mitigation and Management
Energy and Environmental Science
Environment, Water Resources Engineering
Environmental Engineering, Sanitary Engineering
Facilities and Asset Management
Geoenvironmental Engineering, Land fills
Geohazards – Liquefaction, landslides, etc
Geology, Remote Sensing and GIS
Geosynthetics, Materials and Applications
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical instrumentation
Green Buildings
Ground improvement techniques, Soft soil stabilization, Slope stabilization
Housing and Urban Environments
Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics
Irrigation Engineering
Law and Dispute Resolution
Mining Engineering
Numerical modeling, Geomechanics and under ground structures
Offshore structures, Bridge Structures
Project Management, PERT, CPM
Rehabilitation / Retrofitting of structures
Remote Sensing , Applications of GIS
Risk analysis
Rock Mechanics
Rural Road Development, Pavement Engineering,
Seismic Hazard Analysis, Ground Response Analysis
Seismic slope stability, Seismic Design of Retaining walls
Seismology and Ground motion studies
Soil – structure interaction, Seismic Microzonation
Solid Waste Management, Hazardous Waste Management
Structural Design, Retaining structures
Structural Engineering
Sustainability of construction, design and management
Traffic Engineering, Transportation Planning
Transportation Engineering and Project Management
Urban Transport System, Intelligent Transport System
Water and Waste Water Treatment
Water Shed Management, Water Resources Planning

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Address: UAE

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