International Conference on Biophysics and Medical Physics ICBMP on February 01-02, 2024 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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International Conference on Biophysics and Medical Physics (ICBMP) February 01, 2024 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Biophysics and Medical Physics
AKT/PTEN/Survival pathways
Angiogenesis and metastasis inhibitors
Apoptosis pathway targeting agents
Applications of proteomics and genomics in drug discovery
Biologic and physical optimization in treatment planning
Bio-mathematical approaches for experimental data
Bioreductive agents
Bystander effects and radiotherapy
Cell cycle and response to treatment
Cellular therapies and cytokines
Challenges for simultaneous PET-MRI
Chromatin modifying agents
Comprehensive engineering in radiotherapy
Cyclins and CDKs
DNA adducts
DNA damage recognition
DNA repair in tumor and normal tissues
DNA, protein, and membrane chemistry
DNA-interactive agents
Drug delivery
Drug radioresistance
Drug resistance and modifiers
Gene expression profiling
Gene therapy and antisense approaches
Genetic control of cancer cell and normal tissue Radiosensitivity
Genomic instability
Hadron Therapy
Histones and response to radiation
Hormonal agents
How to develop a successful cancer drug (chemo-radiation approaches)?
Hypoxic cytotoxins
Image-guided radiotherapy, tissue motion
Imaging in Medicine
Immunotherapy and ionizing radiation
Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)
Intra- and inter-cellular signaling cascades induced by radiation
Magnetic field research
Mechanisms of radiation induced cell death
Mechanistic combinations
Medical imaging
Microbeam probes of cellular radiation response
Micro-environmental determinants of response to radiation
Molecular imaging
Molecular targeting
Monoclonal antibodies and target toxins/nuclides
Navigation systems
New Diagnostic Methods in Medicine
New markers in CT/PET
New targeting strategies: basic mechanisms and clinical outcome
Normal tissue radiobiology
Novel approaches in fractionation alteration
Novel approaches in Quality Assurance
Novel organisms for studying radiation response
Nuclear medicine
Optimising targets for angiogeneic inhibition
Oxidative stress
Particle radiotherapy, hadrontherapy
Particle therapy
Photodynamic Therapy
Pitfalls in developing cancer treatment agents
Positron emission tomography
Practical issues in tissue research
Predictive assays

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