International Conference on Biogeochemistry and Microbial Ecology ICBME on February 04-05, 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand

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International Conference on Biogeochemistry and Microbial Ecology (ICBME) February 04, 2023 - Bangkok, Thailand
Biogeochemistry and developments of biogeochemistry
Modelling of natural systems
Soil and water acidification Recovery processes
Eutrophication of surface waters
Biodegradation of challenging contaminants
Biodiversity, adaptation and interactions in extreme environments
Biogeochemical cycles of nitrogen
Carbon sequestration
Soil remediation
Global change
Disentangling the role of dispersal in microbial biogeography through theory and experiment
Ecological and evolutionary interactions in microbial communities
Ecology of pathogens in the environment
Effects of climate change on microbial community
Emergent impacts of viruses: killing winners, climbing mountains and altering ecosystem function
Engineered or artificial environments
Eukaryotic microorganisms in foodweb
Evolution of microbial lives
Food microbial ecology: fermentation and beyond
Fungal ecology and function
Human microbiome
Hunting for elusive microbes
Light energy harvest in aquatic environment
Love, hate and cheating: microbe-microbe interactions
Metagenomic discoveries
Meta-ome information to microbial ecology
Microbe-plant interaction
Microbes in inland waters
Microbial carbon sequestration
Microbiomes of marine ecosystems: key functions from the cryosphere to the deep biosphere
Network (systems) microbial ecology
Single-cell windows into microbial ecology
Soil microbial ecology
The bacterial species definition in the era of 'omics'
Unusual strategies of microbial energy acquisitation

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Address: UAE

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