International Conference on Biofuels Technology and Production ICBTP on May 13-14, 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Biofuels Technology and Production (ICBTP) May 13, 2023 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Biofuels technology
The future of biofuels technologies and innovations
Biofuels engineering and technology
Biofuel production technologies
Advances in biofuel technologies
Biotechnology for biofuel production
First-generation biofuels
Second-generation biofuels
Second-generation biochemical biofuels
Second-generation thermochemical biofuels
Perspectives on first- and second-generation biofuels
Land-use efficiency for providing transportation services
Net energy balances
Greenhouse gas emissions
Objectives of using biofuels
Biorefining technologies
Large scale biogas production and challenges
Biogas technologies
Market potential of biogas reactors
Biogas from agriculture waste
Biogas production from algae
New and possible substrates for biogas production
Measuring and upgrading biogas environment
Culturing algae
Algae harvesting and oil extraction systems
Algal production systems and cost effectiveness
Wastewater based algae biofuel production
Genetic engineering in algae to increase productivity
Commercialization of algae biofuels
Algal biosequestration
Biodiesel production from municipal waste
Cost effective techniques and scale up strategies for biodiesel production
Biodiesel as automobile fuel
Enzymatic production of biodiesel
Applications and environment impact of biodiesel
Market opportunities
Crops for biodiesel production
Generations of bioalcohols and scope of advancement
Production of bioalcohols from plant matter
Production of bioalcohols from algae
Bioalcohols as automobile fuel
Scale up strategies and challenges
Genetically modified crops to increase feed stock production
Agriculture biomass for energy production
Industrial waste biomass
Cost effective techniques to produce energy from biomass feed stocks
Thermal, chemical and biochemical techniques for biomass conversion
Biomass and geothermal energy
Electricity production from biomass
Scale up, trade and industrial implementation strategies
Production plant management
Market, trade and distribution
Investment and financing
Opportunities for scale up and meeting global energy challenge
Scale up challenges
Types of biorefineries
Biorefining systems
Biorefining scheme from algal protein sources
Biorefining scheme from bacterial protein
Innovative biorefineries concepts for various industries
Risk management issues
Biofuels and aviation companies
Developing new sources for aviation biofuels and future production routes
Commercialization of aviation biofuels applications and environment effects of aviation biofuels
Concerns and challenges to develop aviation biofuels
Cost reduction policies
Market research strategies
Impact of biofuels on food security
Nonfood crops for biofuel production
Agricultural modernization

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