International Conference on Big Data-Driven Management and Artificial Intelligence ICBDDMAI on November 03-04, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Big Data-Driven Management and Artificial Intelligence (ICBDDMAI) November 03, 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Artificial Intelligence:
Brain Models, Brain Mapping, Cognitive Science
Natural Language Processing
Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing
Expert Systems
Decision Support Systems
Automated Problem Solving
Intelligent Information Systems
Intelligent Data Mining and Farming
Intelligent Web-Based Business
Intelligent Networks
Intelligent Databases
Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Distributed AI Algorithms and Techniques
Distributed AI Systems and Architectures
Neural Networks and Applications
Heuristic Searching Methods
Social Impact of AI
Applications (including: computer vision, signal processing, military, surveillance, robotics, medicine, pattern recognition, face recognition, finger print recognition, finance and marketing, stock market, education, emerging applications...)

Data Mining/Machine Learning:
Statistical Learning
Hierarchical Learning Models
Relational Learning Models
Bayesian Methods
Meta Learning
Heuristic Optimization Techniques
Neural Networks
Multi-Criteria Reinforcement Learning
Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Methods
Bayesian Networks
Time Series Prediction
Fuzzy Logic and Learning
Inductive Learning and Applications
Computational Intelligence
Aspects of Natural Language Processing
Deviation and Outlier Detection
Explorative and Visual Data Mining
Web Mining
Mining Text and Semi-Structured Data
Multimedia Mining (Audio/Video)
Artificial Neural Networks
Legal and Social Aspects of Data Mining
Data Cleaning and Preparation
Missing Value Imputation
Medicine Data Mining
Business/Corporate/Industrial Data Mining
Data Mining and National Security
Clustering Algorithms used in Data Mining
Automatic Data Cleaning
Data Visualization
Data Reduction Methods
Pattern Mining
Applications (examples: data mining in education, marketing, finance and financial services, business applications, medicine, bioinformatics, biological sciences, science and technology, industry and government...)

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Address: UAE

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