International Conference on Automatic Control and Mechatronic Engineering ICACME on January 28-29, 2024 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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International Conference on Automatic Control and Mechatronic Engineering (ICACME) January 28, 2024 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Automatic Control and Technology
Linear, Nonlinear and Fuzzy Systems and Control
Predictive Control, Intelligent Control and Servo Control
Electronics Automation and Electrical Engineering
Networked Control Systems
Hybrid Systems and Control
Stochastic Systems Control and Remote Supervisory Control
Automation instrument and device
Guidance, Navigation and Control
Simulation technology of control system
Electronic, communication and automatic control technology
Signal Processing Systems for Control
Power machinery engineering
PLC and Micro-controllers
Control Theory and Application
Control System Modeling
Control Theory and Methodologies
Process Control and automatic control theory
Simulation Techniques and Methodologies
System Engineering Theory and Practice
Intelligent Optimization Algorithm and Application
Circuits and Electronics for Control
Automotive Control Systems and Autonomous Vehicles
Automation technology application
Signal Processing Systems for Control
Automation in Chemical Engineering
Machines and Mechanical Engineering
Optimization Problems in Control Engineering
Manufacturing Systems Control
Man-Machine Interaction
Mechatronic Engineering
Theory and technology of optical-mechanical-electrical integration
Theory, technology and equipment of precision forming and special machining
Advanced manufacturing technology
Manufacturing Process Simulation
CIMS and Manufacturing System
Mechanical and Liquid Flow Dynamic
Applications of Micro and Nano Systems
Image recognition and intelligent control
Development and Applications of Micro Manufacturing Equipment
Miniaturization of Molding and Casting Processes
Hybrid Macro/Meso/Micro Manufacturing Processes
Hydraulic servo system
Laser processing technology and system
Complex mechanical-electro-liquid System
Design and Operations of Manufacturing Systems for Responsiveness
Collaborative and Digital Manufacturing for Advancing Product Quality

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Address: UAE

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