International Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry, Physics, Nucleation and Aerosols ICACPNA on January 18-19, 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand

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International Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry, Physics, Nucleation and Aerosols (ICACPNA) January 18, 2023 - Bangkok, Thailand
Nucleation Theory and Experiment
Studies of homogeneous, heterogeneous and ion induced nucleation including single or multicomponent system cluster formation and properties, condensation and evaporation, experimental, theoretical and computational investigations

Tropospheric and Stratospheric Aerosols
Fundamental atmospheric aerosol processes, especially related to global warming, air quality and multi-phase chemistry. Studies of aerosol concentrations, distributions, variability and trends. Focus on composition, hygroscopicity, thermodynamics, phase change, physico-chemical and optical properties

Cloud Drop and Ice Nucleation
Fundamental processes related to droplet and ice-crystal activation, growth, cloud condensation nuclei and ice nuclei origin, composition, spatial and temporal distributions and loadings, experimental and theoretical studies

Aerosol-Climate Interactions
Direct and indirect effects of atmospheric aerosols on radiative forcing, hydrological cycle and climate, remote sensing and regional to global scale climate modeling of aerosol impacts and feedback

Nucleation and Crystallisation throughout the Earth's Atmosphere
Ice nucleation on solid particles such as mineral dust, soot and biogenic materials
Crystal structure and properties of ice which forms under atmospherically relevant conditions
Aircraft- and ship-based measurements of ice nuclei
Global modelling of ice nuclei distributions
Glass formation and the role of other amorphous solids in the Earth's atmosphere
Nucleation crystallisation from solution droplets
Efficient descriptions of ice nucleation for use in cloud models
Formation of crystalline acid hydrates in stratospheric clouds
Nucleation of atmospheric aerosol particles

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