International Conference on Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design and Urban Planning ICALIDUP on December 30-31, 2024 in Karachi, Pakistan

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International Conference on Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design and Urban Planning (ICALIDUP) December 30, 2024 - Karachi, Pakistan

Architecture pedagogy
Automation in design/construction
Building thermal performances
Design cognition and computing
Design modelling/simulation
Design planning
Eco housing
Energy optimization in the context of the built environment
Futuristic conceptualizations
Green built environments
Indigenous design
Indoor environment quality
Integrated design studies
Passive design systems
Performance-based design
Responsive architecture
Smart housing/intelligent buildings
Sustainable developments


Air pollution mitigation with plants
Archaeological site vegetation management
Bioclimatic design of open spaces
Botanic gardens
Community/allotment gardens
Design and management of public green spaces
Ecological engineering
Economic aspects of urban green space
Green corridors
Green roofs
Green technologies
Healing gardens
Historical green spaces
Landscape ecology
Landscape restoration
Legislative aspects of urban green space
Living walls
Rain gardens
Schoolyard gardens
Social aspects of urban green space
Sustainability of urban landscape and horticulture
Tree management
Turf grass science and management
Urban biodiversity
Urban horticulture
Water management for urban green spaces

Interior design

Acoustic consideration
Adaptive re-use and interior environments: contexts, aesthetics, functions
Behavioral factors: cultural, social, and economic sustainability
Building occupant and community member perception, performance, and health
Compact living
Craft and fabrication: green materials, finishes, furnishings, and products
Design history and theory
Design modeling, processes, simulations and communication
Design paradigms
Design planning
Furniture design/set-up
Indoor comfort
Light, color and materials
Preservation and adaptive re-use: sustainability issues
Quality of life
Space efficiency
Spatial design
Sustainable interior design

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Address: UAE

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