International Conference on Applied Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy ICAPPFE on December 06-07, 2021 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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International Conference on Applied Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy (ICAPPFE) December 06, 2021 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Anomalous transport (turbulence, coherent structures, microinstabilities)
Astrophysical and geophysical plasmas
Astrophysics and cosmology
Atmospheric pressure plasmas
Basic plasmas and space and astrophysical plasmas
Beam plasmas and inertial fusion
Burning plasma physics
Collisionless and stochastic heating in low-temperature plasmas
Complex plasmas
Diagnostics and modelling of plasma discharges
Dusty and low temperature plasmas
Dusty plasmas
Free electron lasers and masers
Fusion engineering
Fusion plasma diagnostics
Fusion plasmas
High energy density plasmas
Inertial confinement, laser plasmas, short pulse phenomena
Laser-plasma interaction
Low temperature plasmas
Macroinstabilities and magnetic reconnections
Magnetic confinement
Magnetic confinement fusion
Non axisymmetric configurations
Plasma and magnetic confinement theory and modelling
Plasma application, processing, radiation generation, dusty plasmas
Plasma applications and technologies
Plasma diagnostics and edge physics
Plasma heating and current drive
Plasma instabilities
Plasmas in astrophysics and space physics
Plasma-surface interactions
Plasma-surface interactions for energy applications
Quantum plasmas
Radiation effects on material
Rf heating and current drive
Space and solar plasmas
Theoretical aspects of plasma-edge physics and divertors
Theoretical issues related to burning plasmas
Transport processes in fusion plasmas

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Address: UAE

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