International Conference on Applied Electromagnetics ICAE on February 18-19, 2024 in Manila, Philippines

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International Conference on Applied Electromagnetics (ICAE) February 18, 2024 - Manila, Philippines
Antenna Theory and Techniques
Antennas for Defence and Space Applications
Bioeffects of electromagnetic fields
CAD of Antennas and Microwave circuits
Computation of electromagnetic fields
Computational Electromagnetics
Coupled field problems: electromagnetic, thermal, mechanical fields
Dielectric Resonator Antennas
Electromagnetic CAD
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Electromagnetic field measurement techniques
Electromagnetic Materials
Electromechanical Systems
Electronic Packaging and Interconnects
EM circuits and systems
EM Modelling of Electrical and Microwave and Wireless Systems
EMC problems
Inverse electromagnetic field problems
Materials for Antenna Technology
Microstrip and Printed Antennas
Microwave Devices and Circuits
Microwave Processing
Microwave Techniques
Mobile and Wireless Antennas
Non-linear electromagnetic systems
Optimization techniques
Radar and Satellite Technology
Tera Hertz Technology
Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing

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Address: UAE

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