International Conference on Applications of Plasma Technologies ICAPT on November 29-30, 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand

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International Conference on Applications of Plasma Technologies (ICAPT) November 29, 2022 - Bangkok, Thailand
Plasma technology: science, engineering and applications
Atmospheric non-equilibrium plasmas e.g. DBD plasmas
High density pinch plasmas e.g. DPF, Z-Pinch plasmas
Laser induced plasmas
Inductively coupled plasmas (ICPs)
Glow discharge, arc discharge plasmas
Thermal plasmas and others plasma as source of
Radiation and high energy particles e.g. X-rays, gamma rays, electrons, ions, neutrons etc. Plasma diagnostics for radiation and energetic particle emissions
Optical emission spectroscopy
Mass spectroscopy
X-ray diagnostics
Laser assisted plasma spectrometry e.g. Shadowgraph, LIBS, LA-ICP-MS/OES
Diagnostics and monitoring of electrons, ions, neutrons emissions from various plasma sources
Plasma nanotechnology
Surface modifications i.e. cleaning and treatment
Plasma coating i.e. optical coatings, smart coatings for sensors
Nano films i.e. Thin/ultra-thin/multilayer/nanocomposite films and nanostructures
Synthesis of CNTs, graphene, polymers, nano powders
Energy harvesting i.e. Solar cells, fuel cells, supercapacitors
Environmental applications e.g. Waste material treatment and sterilization
Security applications e.g. Plasma based neutron and x-ray sources for homeland security
Plasma focus devices
Plasma based radiation sources for lithography and imaging
Plasma cutting and other areas of plasma research and applications

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