International Conference on Anthroposociology, Social Life and Culture ICASLC on August 05-06, 2021 in Vancouver, Canada

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International Conference on Anthroposociology, Social Life and Culture (ICASLC) August 05, 2021 - Vancouver, Canada
Social anthropology
Cultural and social anthropology
Life-style, language and cultural practices of people
Anthropology, culture and social life
Organizations of societies
Relationships between values, behaviors and cultures
Culture and social action
Comparative methodology of social anthropology
Culture and behavior
Questions of globalization
Identity and authenticity
Race and culture
Sociocultural anthropology
Immigration, cultural minorities and culture
Cultural anthropology
Cultural studies and social anthropology
Political struggle and resistance
Post-conflict reconstruction
Mental illness
Environmental politics
Rural social transformation
Social anthropology of science and technology
Public anthropology and advocacy
Social and biological anthropology
Forms of social life
Tylor and Frazer
Malinowski and the British School
Post WW-II trends
1980s to present
Long-term qualitative research
Intensive field studies
Culture and identity
Economic and political organizations
Law and conflict resolution
Patterns of consumption and exchange
Kinship and family structure
Gender relations
Ethnic violence
Gender studies
Transnationalism and local experience
Emerging cultures of cyberspace

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