International Conference on Animal Cell Technologies ICACT on August 09-10, 2021 in Lagos, Nigeria

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International Conference on Animal Cell Technologies (ICACT) August 09, 2021 - Lagos, Nigeria
Animal cell technology
Recent advances in animal cell culture engineering
Methods in animal cell culture
Making and selecting recombinant cell lines
Growth and maintenance of cells in culture
Cell line and culture monitoring
Genetic engineering of animal cells in culture
The glycosylation of proteins in cell culture
Hybridomas—sources of antibodies
Scaling up animal cell culture
Modes of culture for high cell densities
Production from cell culture
Mammalian cell products
DNA and mammalian cells
Cell line characterization
Complex media formulations
Protein and or serum free cultures
Ammonia/glutamine and other inhibitors
Apoptosis and cell biology
Perfusion cultures and segregation methods
Fixed and fluidized beds
Porous microcarriers
Novel bioreactors
Bioreactor comparisons
Novel measurements and assays
Physical factors in bioreactors
Bioreactor operation strategies
Downstream processing
Products from animal cells in culture
Post translational modifications
Cells in culture for toxicology studies
Product safety and consistency testing

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Address: UAE

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