International Conference on Agricultural, Food and Biosystems Engineering ICAFBE on June 28-29, 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey

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International Conference on Agricultural, Food and Biosystems Engineering (ICAFBE) June 28, 2023 - Istanbul, Turkey
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Land and Water Engineering
Land and Water Productivity at Various Scales
Land Use Planning and Management
Landscape Protection and Preservation
Irrigation for Food Security and Quality of Life
Groundwater Use Challenges and Sustainability
Remote Sensing for Land and Water Management
Paddies Irrigation Management and Environmental Improvement
Wastewater Reuse in Irrigation
Salinity Assessment and Control
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation
Advances in Irrigation Agronomy
Multifunctional Land and Water Use
Modernization of Irrigation Systems
Water-saving vs Farmer Revenues
Irrigation Based on Plant Signals
Economics of Irrigation
Modeling and Information Technologies
Wind Erosion, Water Erosion, and Environmental Protection
Soil Conservation and Improvement
Irrigation and Soil Monitoring: Practices and Equipment
Drought Management

Farm Buildings, Equipment, Structures and Environment
Livestock Structures and Material Handling Equipment
Precision Livestock Farming
Livestock Environment Control
Livestock Waste Treatment – Water Quality, Air Quality, Odor Control
Alternative Production System
Animal Welfare and Assessment
Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
Precision Aquaculture Farming
Aquaculture Facilities and Equipment
Aquaculture Control and Assessment
Greenhouse Environment and Equipment
New Production System
Greenhouse Design and Construction
Greenhouse Structures and New Materials
Greenhouse Horticulture
Agriculture Machinery
Agricultural machinery and equipment
Animal Husbandry Equipment
Agricultural Mechanization
Agricultural Machinery Standardization
Agricultural Machinery Management System
Aquaculture Equipment
Farm Machinery
Irrigation and Hydroponics Equipment
Engineering Mechanics

Equipment Engineering for Plants
R & D for Farm Machinery and Equipment
Innovation Technologies for Agricultural Equipment
Design and Modeling
Automation Technology
Precision Aerial Application
Sensors and Precision Agriculture
Agricultural Bionic Mechanism Design and Manufacturing
Seed Breeding and Processing Technology
Tillage and Soil Preparation
Planting and Fertilizing
Crop Management and Protection
Harvesting Technology
Transport and Logistics of Agricultural Materials and Products
Planting, Seeding, Fertilizing, Plant Protection and Crop Quality
Machinery Management and Costs
Environmental Impact
Forest Machinery
Pruning and Canopy Management

Energy in Agriculture
Rural electrification power generation
Wind power
Solar energy
Geothermal energy
Micro algae energy
Other renewable energy sources

Management, Ergonomics and Systems Engineering
Development strategy and planning
Agricultural machinery operation and management
Agricultural system engineering and management
Extension training and education of agricultural engineering

Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering
Advanced food processing technologies
Low carbon food systems
Imaging and image processing
Functional foods processing technology and evalution
Cold chain technologies
Packaging and stoage technology
Transportation, logistics and supply chain management
Drying and bio-processing technology
Food safety and traceability
Nondestructive measurements and biosensors
Quality measurement, modeling and control
Novel agro-processing

Information Systems
ICT for Agriculture
Crop Sensing
Soil Sensing
Weed Control
Data Acquisition and Management
Field Robots
Yield Sensing
Simulation, Optimization and Modeling
Agricultural Information Sensing
Sensing and Traceability for Quality and Safety of Agro-products
Biosensor and Nano Technology
Computer Vision and Image Processing
Decision Support Systems and Artificial Intelligence
Precision Agriculture and Intelligent Instrument
The Internet of Things
Big Data and Cloud Computing

Agricultural Machinery Standardiztion
Safety, Energy Saving and Emission of Agricultural Machinery
Standardization and Combination of Agronomics and Agricultural Machinery
Combination of Standardization and Testing in Agricultural Machinery
Evaluation Method of Agricultural Machinery Applicability
Mutual Recognition of Internationalization of Agricultural Machinery

Soil and Water Engineering
Animal Housing
Farm Machinery and Power
Energy, Environment and Emerging Technologies
Industry and Agricultural Standard
Postharvest and Biotechnology
Information Communication Technology in Agriculture

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Address: UAE

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