International Conference on African Diaspora for Democracy and Development ICADDD on June 27-28, 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey

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International Conference on African Diaspora for Democracy and Development (ICADDD) June 27, 2022 - Istanbul, Turkey
Accountability, Transparency and Participation
African Diaspora Feminism - Feminism in the African Diaspora
African Diaspora for Democracy and Development
African Diaspora in the Dynamics of Peace and Development
Climate change, development, and migration: an African Diaspora perspective
Colonialism, labor, and the African Diaspora
Complex economic, social, and political effects of imigration on Africa
Conceptualizations of Diaspora
Corporate Governance,Innovative Enterprise,and Economic Development
Cultural expressions of political realities, including political protest in the forms of music, literature, film, art, etc., both in Africa and throughout the Diaspora
Diaspora, Development, and Democracy
Education, pedagogy and psychology studies
Exercise Science and Sport Studies
Expressive culture in the African Diaspora
Forms of transnational political protest in the African Diaspora
Good governance, transparency and accountability
Historiographical debates on the African Diaspora
Human Rights and Human Security
Human rights in the African Diaspora
Identity politics in the African Diaspora
Indian Ocean networks
International politics in the African diaspora
Kinship, marriage, and family
Medical and Health Services in Africa
Migration and memory
New Diaspora history
New Media and social media in the African Diaspora
Peace, Democracy and Development
Religion, traditional culture, and creolization in the African Diaspora
Reverse migrations
Slavery and the African Diaspora
Sustainable Economic Development
The concept of homeland
Trans Saharan Trade
Transnationalism, immigration, and citizenship
Transparency and Good Urban Governance
Women in Africa and African Diaspora

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