International Conference on Aesthetic Nursing ICAN on December 11-12, 2023 in New York, United States

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International Conference on Aesthetic Nursing (ICAN) December 11, 2023 - New York, United States
Aesthetic nursing
Aesthetics in nursing practice and education
Cosmetic medical and surgical procedures
Plastic surgical nursing
Reconstructive plastic surgical nursing
Body image issues and plastic surgery
Wound management within plastic surgery nursing practice
The functional anatomy of the skin and its appendages
Wound bed repair
Clinical issues in the causes of wound breakdown and the failure of wounds to repair
Wound bed assessment
Wound bed preparation incorporating wound dressing and bandage management
Pain associated with wounds and dressing changes
Wound bed maintenance
Palliative wound bed management
Principles of nursing discharge management and community healthcare following reconstructive plastic surgery
Patient management in the operating
Perioperative pediatric care in reconstructive plastic surgical nursing
Skin grafts
Reconstructive skin and soft tissue flaps
Replant surgery
Tissue expansion
Craniofacial reconstruction
Ear reconstruction
Camouflage prostheses
Urogenital reconstruction
Breast surgery
Body contouring
Aesthetic/reconstructive surgery of the face
Nasal surgery

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