International Conference on Aerospace Propulsion and Combustion ICAPC on April 09-10, 2020 in Venice, Italy

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International Conference on Aerospace Propulsion and Combustion (ICAPC) April 09, 2020 - Venice, Italy
Aerospace propulsion
Aircraft propulsion
Compressible flow with friction and heat
Engine thrust and performance parameters
Gas turbine engine cycle analysis
Aviation and uninhabited aerial vehicle propulsion system
Aircraft engine inlets and nozzles
Combustion chambers and afterburners
Axial compressor aerodynamics
Centrifugal compressor aerodynamics
Aero-thermo-dynamics of gas turbines
Aircraft engine component matching and off-design analysis
Chemical rocket and hypersonic propulsion
Aero-engine types
Reciprocating engines
Jet engines: turbojet, turbofan, propfan, turboprop, and ramjets
Engine parameters and performances
Jet fuel
Combustion chamber
From fuel to thrust: the energy conversion chain in jet propulsion
The simplest turbojet model
Thermal and mechanical limitations in jet engines
Jet engine auxiliaries: start-up, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic services
Engine maintenance
Matching engines and aircraft
Aerodynamic drag and required propulsion power
Range and endurance
Take-off power
Effect of altitude, flight speed, and revolutions, on engine performances
Fuel tank inertization
Environmental impact
Aviation fuel consumption
Emissions and aircraft noise

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