International Conference on Aerospace and Spacecraft ICAS on December 02-03, 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Aerospace and Spacecraft (ICAS) December 02, 2022 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Developments of spacecraft
Orbital and suborbital spaceplanes
Unmanned and manned spacecrafts
Aircraft landing
Materials science and new materials for spacecrafts
Spacecraft under development
Aerodynamic forces and structural flexibility
Spacecraft structures
Rocket and airbreathing engines
Design aspects; wing design, fuselage, propulsion, weight and mechanical structure
Design optimization and computer-aided design of aircraft
Design process and simulation; conceptual design, preliminary design phase, detail design phase
Flight software engineering and testing
Model based software development
navigation, fault management and command sequence control
Space network protocols and onboard communication
Onboard data processing
Software modeling, simulation and tests
Spacecraft software architectures
Agile software development
Flight processors and operating systems
Software verification and validation
Testing technologies
Aerodynamic’s fundamental concepts
Aeronautical and aeronautical engineering
Branches of aerodynamics
Aerodynamics in other fields
Atmosphere of earth
Structure of the atmosphere

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