International Conference on Advances in Plant Virology ICAPV on August 30-31, 2023 in Moscow, Russia

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International Conference on Advances in Plant Virology (ICAPV) August 30, 2023 - Moscow, Russia
Plant Virology
Experimental and Theoretical Plant Virology
Plant Viruses and Their Classification
Viruses of Gymnosperms, Pteridophytes, Algae, and Fungi
Plant Virus Purification
Mutation and Recombination of Plant Viruses
Ecology, Epidemiology, and Control of Plant Viruses
Plant Viruses and Technology
Plant Virus Viromics

Architecture and Assembly of Virus Particles
Architecture and Assembly of Rod-Shaped Viruses
Architecture of Isometric Viruses
Small Icosahedral Viruses
Complex Isometric Viruses
Enveloped Viruses

Symptoms and Host Range
Disease Symptoms and Host Range
Economic Losses Due to Plant Viruses
Macroscopic Symptoms
Histological Changes
Cytological Effects
The Host Range of Viruses
Factors Influencing the Course of Infection and Disease
Symptom Production

Agents Resembling or Altering Virus Diseases
Satellite Viruses and Satellite RNAs

Molecular Mechanisms and Interactions
Genome Composition, Organization, and Expression
Plant Viral Genome Organization
Virus Entry and Uncoating
Plant Viral Genome Expression Strategies
Strategies of Positive-Sense ssRNA Viruses
Double-Stranded RNA Viruses
DNA Viruses

Replication of Plant Viruses
Cellular Compartments Involved in Replication
Methods for Studying Viral Replication
Host Functions Used by Plant Viruses
Replication of Positive-Sense Single-Stranded RNA Viruses
Replication of Negative-Sense Single-Stranded RNA Viruses
Replication of Double-Stranded RNA Viruses
Replication of Reverse Transcribing Viruses
Replication of Single-Stranded DNA Viruses

Origins and Evolution of Plant Viruses
Selection Pressures for Evolution of Plant Viruses
Coevolution of Viruses with Their Hosts and Vectors

Virus–Plant Interactions
Mechanism of RNA Silencing
Plant Viruses and Silencing Pathways
Systemic Silencing
Suppression of RNA Silencing

Movement of Viruses Within Plants
Virus Movement in Plants
Cell-to-Cell Movement
Long-Distance Movement

Virus–Plant Interactions in Non-Permissive and Permissive Hosts
Resistance to Plant Viruses
Dominant Resistance
Recessive Resistance

Assay, Detection, and Diagnosis of Plant Viruses
Methods Involving Biological Activities of the Virus
Methods Depending on Physical Properties of the Virus Particle
Methods Depending on Properties of Viral Proteins
Methods Involving Properties of the Viral Nucleic Acid
Decision Making on Diagnosis

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