International Conference on Advances in Mathematical Geophysics ICAMG on November 04-05, 2021 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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International Conference on Advances in Mathematical Geophysics (ICAMG) November 04, 2021 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mathematical geophysics
Earth systems and planets
Ocean, atmosphere and climate and planetary geophysics
Fluid and granular flows
Gravitational flows, granular flows and sediment transport
Hot and cold flows
Seismology, tectonics and rock mechanics
Imaging and event detecting techniques
Seismic waves
Mechanics of faulting and rocks
Tectonics and solid earth geophysics
Dynamics of seismicity

Cross-disciplinary approaches, methods and data
Non-linear processes
Computational geophysics
Experimental geophysics

Low frequency seismology and three-dimensional structure
Free-oscillation coupling theory
Surface waves in weakly heterogeneous media
On the connection between ray theory and scattering theory for surface waves
Wave propagation problems in inhomogeneous media
Elastic wavefield inversion and the adjoint operation for the elastic wave equation
Subspace methods for large-scale nonlinear inversion
Imaging algorithms, accuracy and resolution in delay time tomography
The determination of fluid flow at the core surface from geomagnetic observations
Long wavelength features of mantle convection
Mean-field methods in mantle convection
Lateral heterogeneity and the geoid
On the mechanics of plate boundary formation

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