International Conference on Advances in Electromagnetic Systems ICAES on February 11-12, 2023 in Barcelona, Spain

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International Conference on Advances in Electromagnetic Systems (ICAES) February 11, 2023 - Barcelona, Spain
Electromagnetic Systems
Electromagnetics Modeling, Measurement and Simulation
Magnetic Circuit Design
Testing and Instrumentation
Soft Magnetic Materials
Permanent Magnets
EMI / EMC / Shielding
Wound Coil, Magnetic Assembly and Manufacturing
Data Storage
Nano Magnetic
Magnetics for Medical Applications
Ferrites, Sensors and Motion Control
Electro-Magnetic Software
Magnetic Components
Magnetic Equipment
Coatings and Adhesives
Magnetic Microspheres
Magnets Cryogenics
Magnet Recycling/Conservation
CAD Algorithms and Techniques
Computational Electromagnetics
Electromagnetic Compatibility
EM Education
Electromagnetic Materials
Electronic Packaging and Interconnects
Electromagnetic Measurement
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Computation of Electromagnetic Fields in the Living Organism
Electromagnetic Fields produced by High Voltage
EMFs in Radio and Wireless Communications
EMFs Produced by Microwave Devices
EMFs Produced by MRI Devices
EMFs at Home and Workplaces
EMFs Interaction with Biological Systems
Management of Electromagnetic Fields
Electromagnetic Interference with Medical Devices
EMC Teaching
Mitigation Techniques
Measurement Techniques
Radiation and Dosimetry Measurement and Instrumentation

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