International Conference on Advanced Materials Processing ICAMP on October 04-05, 2021 in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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International Conference on Advanced Materials Processing (ICAMP) October 04, 2021 - Dubrovnik, Croatia
Materials processing technology
Materials processing and manufacturing
Casting, forming and machining
Additive processing and joining technologies
Evolution of material properties
Manufacturing processes
Surface engineering for manufacturing process
Design and behavior of equipment and tools
Semiconductor process modeling
Phase transformation
Ceramic-polymer composites using sol-gel techniques
Microstructural evolution
Vapor deposition of diamond-like films
Development of fiber-optic glasses
Vitrification of industrial waste
Fabrication and testing of advanced microcomposite materials
High-rate forming techniques for net shape forming
High-temperature intermetallic materials
Sheet metal forming
Control of microstructures and porosity in die castings
Magnetron sputtering of laminated composites
Processing of ceramic composites from metallic precursors
Controlled crystal orientations in high tc ceramic superconductors
Modeling of the chemical vapor deposition process

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