International Conference on Adolescent Psychiatry and Neurotherapeutics ICAPN on June 03-04, 2023 in New York, United States

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International Conference on Adolescent Psychiatry and Neurotherapeutics (ICAPN) June 03, 2023 - New York, United States
Novel targets in neuro therapeutics
New concepts in neurologic disorders
Stem cell therapy in neurologic diseases
Recent novel anti-epileptic drugs
Imaging markers
Dissociative disorder
Childhood and pediatric psychiatry
Clinical and adolescent psychiatry
Addictive disorders
Bipolar disorder
Personality disorders
Schizophrenia: behavioral disorder
Neuro feedback and deep brain stimulation
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Psychosis and adverse behaviour
Psychoactive medication
Advanced therapeutics for psychiatric disorders
Geriatric psychiatry
Neurochemical interactions
Neural circuits regulating appetite
Cognitive psychopharmacology
Molecular neuropharmacology
Behavioral neuropharmacology
Clinical neuropharmacology
Clinical pharmacists
Neuro immune pharmacology
Molecular neuropharmacology
Clinical neuropharmacology
Neurochemical transmission
Behavioral neuropharmacology
Chemical neurotrasmitters
Future aspects of neuropharmacology
Case study reports
Inadequate nutritional intake
Pediatric neuropathology
Advances in neuropathology
Microvascular neuropathology
Neuropathology of mutations
Neuromuscular pathology
Tumor pathology
Ophthalmic diseases
Optic nerve disorders
Neuro cancer‎
Neuro oncology
Psychosocial advances in neuro oncology
Brain and spinal cord tumours
Adverse neurological effects
Treatments for cancer
Antidiabetic pharmacology
Types of cancer
General neurology
Autonomic diseases
Clinical neurology
Clinical trials
Cognitive disorders/dementia
Ethics in neurology
Vascular neurology
History of neurology
Functional neurosurgery
Cns pharmacology
Neurobiology of cns
Central nervous system malignancies
Neuroinflammation diseases
Clinical trials on cns

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