International Conference on Addiction Research and Therapy on April 17-19, 2023 in Barcelona, Spain

Welcome the global crowd to Addiction Conferences 2023!

The Addiction Committee is honored and privileged to welcome all addiction professionals to attend our most remarkable conference the 6th International Conference on Addiction Research and Therapy which transpires on April 17 - 19, 2023, in Barcelona, Spain.

After five spectacular and successful editions, we eagerly anticipate bringing together the worldwide audience and attendees once again to discuss ideas, solutions, and success stories. This year, we forecast more participants to exchange their valuable knowledge with an indigenous theme of Advanced Scientific Research for Addiction, Mental Health, and Rehabilitation.

The Addiction Conferences 2023 is widely renowned for providing you with a platform to engage with individuals from all around the world, who are dedicated to their profession in researching addiction and helping individuals achieve recovery and return to their best fruitful lives possible.

Addiction Conferences 2023 is projected to be a massive event that provides an excellent stage for sharing knowledge on modern technology in addiction recovery.

Addiction is a chronic disease; it becomes progressive when left untreated. We are also committed to raising awareness about addictive drugs and their treatment based on their symptoms in Addiction Conferences 2023.

We enthusiastically welcome all researchers around the globe working on Addiction, which includes Professors, Doctors, Addiction Counsellors, Addiction Therapists, Addiction Psychiatrists, Addiction Specialists, Mental Health Specialists, Psychotherapists, Clinical Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Students, Graduates, Academicians, All Rehabilitation Nurses, and Addiction Rehabilitation Centres are invited to come and share their thoughts.

It's a fascinating opportunity for everyone to enable international networking and interact with world-class experts. Be a part of addiction therapy and recovery by working cooperatively with us. Share your research experiences and expertise on the subject at our conference to help accelerate future innovation in order to establish and celebrate a new healthier world.

We really appreciate your time and effort in cooperating with Addiction Conferences 2023. Barcelona is eagerly awaiting your arrival.

Addiction and Addiction Medicine
Therapies on Addiction
Addiction Recovery Treatment
Addiction Rehabilitation
Addiction Counselling
Psychosis in Addiction
Addictive Disorders
Behavioural Addiction
Addiction Psychiatry and Mental Health
Traditional Approaches to Addiction
Drug Addiction
Drug Abuse
Substance Addiction
Addiction Pharmacology
Dual Diagnosis
Addiction induced Brain Disease
CNS Addictive Disorders

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