International Conference on Accounting, Economics, Finance and Decision Sciences ICAEFDS on January 28-29, 2023 in Sydney, Australia

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International Conference on Accounting, Economics, Finance and Decision Sciences (ICAEFDS) January 28, 2023 - Sydney, Australia
Advanced Managerial Economics
Advanced Marketing Research
Applied Mathematics and Decision Sciences
Behavioral Operations
Business Analytics and Decision Sciences
Business Financing
Business Investments
Comparative Effectiveness and Decision Science
Computational Decision Science
Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering
Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy
Data Analytics and Decision Sciences
Decision Analysis and Support Systems
Decision and Cognitive Sciences
Decision Modelling
Decision, Risk and Management Sciences
Decision Sciences and Engineering Systems
Decision Sciences and Information Systems
Decision Sciences and Supply Chain Management
Decision Systems Engineering
Economics and Decision Sciences
Economics and Finance
Economic and Game-theoretic Decision Analysis
Economics and Finance Management
Evaluation of Performance
Financial Decision Making
Game Theory and Applications
Healthcare Operations
Human Behaviour, Psychology and Empirical Research
Human Decision Science
Human Participation in Decision Processes
Humanities, Social and Political Sciences
Information Systems
Information Systems and Information Management
Information Systems and Technology
Investment Analysis
Investment Theory
Lean Philosophy
Management Information Systems
Management Science
Maritime and Supply Chain Management
Marketing and Decision Sciences
Marketing Models
Mathematical and Computational Modelling and Analysis of Human Behaviour
Mathematical Decision Sciences
Mathematical Economics
Microeconomics Theory
Modelling and Optimization
Operations Management
Operations Research
Predictive Analytics
Pricing and Strategy
Probability and Statistics
Product Management
Production and Operations Management
Quantile Regression
Quantitative Analysis and Decision Science
Scheduling Research
Semi-parametric Regression
Societal Risk Management
Statistics and Operations Research
Strategic Decision Making
Structural Equation Modeling
Supply Chain Management
Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
Uncertain Reasoning

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Address: UAE

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