International Conference Congress on Virology & Infectious Diseases VIROLOGY2023 on October 16-18, 2023 in Paris, France

International Conference Congress on Virology & Infectious Diseases (VIROLOGY2023) October 16, 2023 - Paris, France

International Conference on Virology & Infectious Diseases 2023 (VIROLOGY2023) will be held during Oct 16-18, 2023 in Paris, France in collaboration with the International Journal of Infectious and Tropical Diseases (IJITD).

The theme of the congress is on “Revolutionary Advancements in Virology and Infectious Diseases” and the first two days of the congress will be in in-person mode and last day will be in the virtual mode.

Join this international stage to meet the experts in the arena of virology and infectious diseases.

Advances in Virology Research

Animal Virology

Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development

Bacterial and Fungal Virology

Clinical and Diagnostic Virology

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Co-Transmission of Multiple Viral Genomes

Current research on Viral and Rare Diseases

Diagnosis of Viral Diseases

DNA and RNA Viruse

Ebola and Zika Viral Infections

Emerging and Reemerging Viruses

Gastrointestinal viral diseases

General Virology- Rare Diseases

Health Care Associated Infections

Hepatic viral diseases

HIV, AIDS and other

Emerging Viruses

Insect Virus and Fungal Virology

Medical Virology

Molecular and Cellular Virology

Neurologic viral diseases

Pediatric and Neonatal Viral Infections

Plant and Agricultural Virology

Prokaryotic Viruses

Regulation of Viral Gene Expression

Viral Diversification in Host/Host Populations

Viral Genetic Diversity and Evolution

Viral Immunology

Viral Infections during Pregnancy

Viral Oncology

Respiratory Viral Infections

Viral Biochemistry

Viral Disease Outbreaks

Viral Sequencing

Virus as Gene Therapy Vectors

Virus Host Biology

Virus Morphology, Genetics, Replication

Virus Proteomics

Transformation and Oncogenesis

Viral Pathogenesis and Immunity

Viral Respiratory Diseases

Veterinary Virology

Virus-Cell Interactions and Cellular Responses

Zoonotic Viral Disease

Healthcare for infectious diseases

Statistical methods for infectious disease data

Research on Medicine and Vaccine for Covid-19

Infectious Diseases and their Prevention

Urinary Tract Infections

Gastrointestinal Infections

Veterinary Infectious Diseases

Nosocomial Infections

Parasitic Infectious Diseases

Neuro Infectious Diseases

Pandemic preparedness and response


STD & HIV/ AIDS and Emerging Viral Diseases

Dental and Oral Infectious Diseases

Obstetrics and Gynecology Infectious Diseases

Diagnosis, Prevention and Public Health

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