International Color & Coating Congress ICCC on October 13-14, 2021 in Tehran, Iran

International Color & Coating Congress (ICCC) October 13, 2021 - Tehran, Iran

The ICCC2021 virtual Congress will be held on October 13 & 14, 2021, at Institute for Color Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran.Two Symposiums of "Color and Colorants" and "Surface Coatings and Corrosion" will be organized in the firm ICCC2021.ICCC2021aims to provide a platform for all experts from academia, industry, and national labs to discuss the latest hot researches and achievements. Attendees will hear world-class speakers discussing the challenges and opportunities facing Color, Colorants, Surface Coatings, and Corrosion related fields. We certainly believe that ICCC2021will provide a variety of opportunities to exchange ideas and expertise as well as network with worldwide research groups.

Name: The 8th International Color & Coating Congress
Address: No. 55, Vafamanesh St., Lavizan Exit, Sayad Shirazi North HWY, Institute for Color Science and Technology.

The International Color & Coating Congress is a warm place to present subjects covering all aspects of color, colorants and coatings. Following the success of our previous congress (ICCC 2017 in Tehran), we hope the 8th congress will link researchers, experts, university lecturers, practitioners, and students from different branches of color and coatings from around the world.
Description Price Date
Faculty members EUR 100.00 Before September 10, 2021
Faculty members EUR 150.00 After September 10, 2021
Students EUR 50.00 Before September 10, 2021
Students EUR 75.00 After September 10, 2021
Industrial participant EUR 200.00 Before September 10, 2021
Industrial participant EUR 250.00 After September 10, 2021