International Clay Conference ICC on July 12-16, 2021 in Istanbul, Turkey

International Clay Conference (ICC) July 12, 2021 - Istanbul, Turkey

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Clay Science Society (Turkey) and The Clay Minerals Society (USA), it is our great pleasure to announce the co-hosting of the 17th International Clay Conference 2021 (17th ICC 2021) in İstanbul, Turkey.

İstanbul is Turkey’s most populated and unique city spanning the continents of both Europe and Asia. Separated by the Bosphorus waterway, İstanbul is culturally diverse, easily navigated, and historically fascinating. As the business and financial hub of Turkey, it is well oriented to hosting large international meetings of all types, especially scientific conferences.

The scientific program of the 17th ICC 2021 will bring together, as it does every four years, scientists from different disciplines related to clays and clay minerals. The program will consist of technical sessions of oral and poster presentations and keynote speakers. In addition to thematic sessions, there will be pre-conference workshop(s), including a 2-day AIPEA – ASYS and a 1-day CMS Workshop. Post Conference field trips will be organized to visit Turkish clay deposits and their industrial applications. The social program will include visits to historical sites, shopping for traditional items, and sharing the richness and diversity of Turkish cuisine.

Conference extended abstracts will be published as a dedicated volume. Publication of special issues hosted by high impact clay journals will be planned and announced prior to the Conference. The workshops will be offered by CMS for publication via their lecture series, with topics to be announced prior to 17th ICC 2021. Exhibitors will be present, including leading clay industries, media representatives, and publishers in related fields of clay science.

The Conference will take place in the Hilton Hotel İstanbul Maslak. The Hotel has a convenient location, next to the İstanbul Technical University Ayazağa campus in Maslak. A metro station on the M6 line provides fast and reliable access to all of İstanbul’s extensive transit system and main tourism areas. The conference venue is accessible to/from İstanbul’s new world hub airport. We promise a technically and socially stimulating Conference along with warm Turkish hospitality.

As the bridges span the Bosporus connecting cultures and continents, we hope you will join us at the17th ICC 2021 to bring together new ideas from people and countries from around the world. We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul!


Selahattin Kadir

Conference General Chair 


 Paul A. Schroeder

 Conference Co-Chair


Asuman Günal Türkmenoğlu

Representative of 17th ICC 2021

Crystal chemistry and structure of clays

Physical and chemical properties of clays

Geology of clays

Clays and isotopes

Clay minerals and climate change

Organoclays and nanocomposites

Clay minerals in soils and weathering

Zeolites, layered and porous materials

Clays in oil and gas industry

Industrial applications of clay minerals

Clays in geotechnical applications

Archaeometry (general session): Composition, technology and provenance of archaeological artifacts

Clays related to environment and health

Advanced instrumental techniques in clayscience

Teaching Clay science

Name: XVII International Clay Conference
Address: Hilton Maslak