ICS State of the Art Congress on June 27-29, 2023 in Birmingham, United Kingdom

SOA is now the largest event for intensive care in the UK and one of the largest multi-professional meeting In Europe. Year-on-year we work hard to evolve SOA to bring you a fresh experience every time and we pride ourselves on delivering a Congress that not only delivers relevant, interactive, exciting and thought-provoking sessions across multiple streams but also provide a space to re-connect and network.


To deliver intensive care, we need an army of people, from the multi­-professional intensive care teams to those who help build and provide the technology, equipment and medicines that enable us to do our jobs and provide the best quality care to our patients. SOA unites intensive professionals from across the globe to facilitate a multi-purpose environment whereby the intensive care community can learn, network, and discover the latest advancements in critical care, clinical research and technology developed by industry.

SOA provides the unique opportunity where industry and the largest gathering of healthcare professionals spanning the breadth of intensive care can come together, celebrate successes, and grow from each other.


Name: Intensive Care Society
Website: http://ics.ac.uk
Address: 7-9 Breams Buildings