Global Webinar on Oncology on January 15-16, 2024 in Kolkata, India

Welcome to the Global Webinar on Oncology! This scientific event is designed for researchers, scientists, doctors, practitioners, students, and anyone interested in the latest advancements in the field of oncology. The webinar will cover a wide range of topics, including carcinogenesis, cancer stages and grades, tumor pathology, tumor microenvironment, precision oncology, interventional oncology, hematologic malignancies, cancer genomics, cancer metabolism, and many more. The event will provide an excellent opportunity to learn about cutting-edge treatments, indications, and management strategies, as well as recent discoveries, current developments, technology advancements, ongoing research, updates, and the future of the oncology field. Register now to be part of this dynamic platform for cross-sectoral collaboration and drive holistic growth and innovative progress in the field of oncology!

Session –1: Fundamentals of Oncology

Session –2: Cancer Biology

Session –3: Types of Cancers

Session –4: Cancer Therapy and Treatments

Session –5: Cancer Screening & Diagnosis

Session –6: Cancer Management and Prevention

Session –7: Cancer Drugs and Treatments

Session –8: Cancer Biomarkers, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and Recent Technologies in Oncology

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