Global Summit on Pathology on May 20-21, 2024 in Singapore, Singapore

We cordially invite you to participate in the “Global Summit on Pathology”, scheduled during May 20-21, 2024, in Singapore, organized by ScitechSeries. Under the overarching theme of "Unravelling Innovative Approaches in Disease Identification," this summit offers a unique opportunity for pathologists, researchers, and students to share their latest findings and insights.

This HYBRID EVENT allows you to participate as In person at Singapore or Virtually from your home or workplace.

By joining us, you will have the chance to present your expertise to a distinguished audience, fostering meaningful contributions to the field of pathology. Engaging workshops, enlightening discussions, and networking sessions will facilitate knowledge exchange and the exploration of innovative approaches in pathology.

This summit aims to encourage interdisciplinary collaborations, forge international connections, and expand horizons within the realm of Medical Science and Diagnostic Medicine. Your participation is crucial in advancing the discourse on pathology and contributing to the global efforts in this field. We look forward to your valuable involvement in making this summit a resounding success.

Address: Singapore