Global Leopard Conference on March 13-17, 2023 in Johannesburg, South Africa

The 5-day online virtual conference will bring together organisations and individuals researching, observing, appreciating and conserving the nine subspecies of leopard across the globe.

Leopards may be the most adaptable of the big cats, however the global leopard population and distribution is in decline. Many of the threats to leopard survival occur commonly across the 63 countries where leopards occur, and those protecting them are seeking better conservation solutions.

This conference is an opportunity to bring together leopard specialists, researchers and conservationists to explore a broad spectrum of topics including leopard ecology and the human wildlife interface; the role of leopards in art and culture; conservation and management strategies; and leveraging environmental education. This conference will provide a platform to share leopard lessons from across the globe and to promote collaborative solutions to ensure the long-term survival of this ecologically important umbrella species.

Topics will be relevant to researchers working across the carnivore community.

This inclusive international conference is aimed at students, academics, scientists, conservation organisations, media representatives, artists and leopard aficionados.

Name: Africa Massive