Global Congress on Microwave Energy Applications 4GCMEA on August 17-20, 2022 in Chengdu, China

Global Congress on Microwave Energy Applications (4GCMEA) August 17, 2022 - Chengdu, China

Publication Recommendation:

- Authors with excellent abstract/reports are recommended to submit full papers to Chemical Engineering & Processing-Process Intensification (CEP:PI) or Journal of Microwave Power and Electromagnetic Energy (JMPEE) to publish full papers from the conference reports. Both the journals are collected by SCI. The manuscripts will go through peer review and meet the requirements of the recommended journal.

- CEP:PI endorses the 4th GCMEA conference. A special issue for the 4th GCMEA will be published by Chemical Engineering & Processing-Process Intensification. The website of the journal is:

- JMPEE will publish the recommended full paper in regular issues. A statement which shows that the paper is a journal version of the materials in the 4th GCMEA conference should be included in the acknowledgement. The website of the journal is:

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1. Measurement and Modeling

* Dielectric and magnetic properties measurement

* EM modeling and numerical techniques

2. Microwave/RF devices

* Design of microwave/RF applicators and components

* Microwave/RF sources and power supply

3. Microwave/RF plasma

* Microwave/RF plasma

4. Microwave/RF applications and interaction mechanism

* Microwave/RF chemistry& metallurgy

* Microwave/RF chemical engineering

* Microwave/RF assisted materials science and engineering

* Interaction mechanism of microwave/RF and substances

* Microwave/RF processing design and optimization

* Microwave/RF applications in environment engineering

* Microwave/RF applications in medicine and biology

* Microwave/RF assisted food science and engineering

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