Global Conference on Cleaning Validation on November 29-30, 2021 in Miami, United States

Cleaning Validation holds a crucial importance concerning the mass manufacturing and different operations in the field of Pharmaceuticals. During the Covid-era people have formed another appreciation for the words like „Clean or Sterile“ and little did we know how hugely they could influence our lives, in the meanwhile pharmaceutical laboratories have always been professionals at keeping the things clean. This period has raised attention to the importance of GMP due to the large scale of vaccines’s production for billions of people around the world and as a result companies were put into a position where it was required to produce items at faster-moving pace and most importantly follow all the safety requirements. This was only one of many real life examples where finding new Cleaning Validation implementations and methods improves the ability to mass produce and it is time efficient. At the same time it decreases the chances of cross-contamination resulting in ensuring quality for the consumers. For this reason, new findings and solutions need our interest and attention.

At the end of November, our Cleaning Validation Conference will bring together experts from around the world to present, demonstrate and discuss the latests findings and progresses made in the recent years in Cleaning Validation field. Our Speakers will also point out the weaknesses and the areas that need improvements in order to ensure the advancement of new discoveries in this sector of Pharma industry, insuring patients health with each pill or drop they take. Representatives from leader companies will present the real business cases and techniques in the market with the aim to educate and assist professionals from all over the world to implement new key elements during their day to day operations.

The objective of this conference is to analyze and explore Cleaning Validation in all of its spectrum while staying focused on specific cases as what are the drivers and regulations affecting companies for the duration of performing GMP, to specify what are the approaches and methods to achieve operational excellence, how does the pharmaceutical industry calculate different levels of toxicity in relations to cross-contamination.

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