Gartner Data & Analytics Summit on March 14-17, 2022 in Orlando, United States

Unleash Innovation. Transform Uncertainty.

Enterprises are heading not toward a “new normal” but rather a “no normal” — an environment of uncertainty and ambiguity that requires continuous flexibility, innovation, and investment or reinvestment in data and analytics strategy. Data and analytics are now vital to business strategy, adding significant value to digital transformation initiatives.

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit addresses the most significant challenges that data analytics leaders face as they build the innovative and adaptable organizations of the future. 

  • Track A: Leadership and Skills: Be the Change Maker
  • Track B: Business Strategy and Value: Optimize impact
  • Track C: Trust, Governance and Privacy: An Urgent Imperative
  • Track D: Analytics Everywhere: Better Decisions, Realize Value
  • Track E: Data Science and Machine Learning: Unleash Innovation
  • Track F: Artificial Intelligence: Delivering Value at Scale
  • Track G: Data and Analytics Architecture: Your Digital Acceleration Ecosystem
  • Track H: Emerging Technologies and Trends: Reach Beyond
  • Spotlight Track: Master Data Management: Build the Foundation
  • Spotlight Track: Technical Insights: The Art of the Pragmatic
  • Spotlight Track: Data Management — Data Everywhere for Every Use

Name: Gartner

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