Future Of Utilities: Energy Transition Summit on March 20-21, 2024 in Halfweg, Netherlands

Future Of Utilities: Energy Transition Summit on March 20-21, 2024 in Halfweg, Netherlands

Future of Utilities: Energy Transition Summit brings together senior leaders from incumbents, innovators, policy makers and investors to advance the transition towards a renewable energy ecosystem.

It's the energy conference for decision-makers committed to accelerating Europe's transition towards a renewable energy ecosystem.

"A great platform to connect and exchange with industry experts."

-Chief Operations Officer, Essent

Check out this years key themes:

Energy storage

What developments are needed to deliver the energy transition? How can prices be brought down and building accelerated?


From infrastructure to integration: how can the sector respond to exponentially increasing demand? How can data enhance efficiency and reliability?

Home energy

What will home energy technology look like in 2030? Don't miss the Case Study from Eneco's Managing Director on building and transforming its Home Energy Business.

Industrial decarbonisation

Which alternatives are the right choice for industrial players? What new technologies need to be developed and deployed?


To what extent is the pace of change appropriate? How could policy incentives promote clean heating adoption?


How are networks adapting to changes in the production and consumption of energy? How can data insights boost resilience, efficiency and flexibility?


Find out who's setting the future energy sector agenda. Hear first-hand scale-up advice from key investment executives.

Electric vehicles

How can key barriers be overcome? Join Witricity's Case Study on bringing wireless EV charging to the streets of Europe.

Limited early bird discounts available - check out our website for more details.

Time: 9:00 am - 5:10 pm


Energy Company: EUR 1445.00,

Non-Energy Company: EUR 2095.00

Speakers: Dr Frank Meyer (Chief Executive Officer, E.ON Italia), Anton Artis (Managing Partner, SET Venture), Lars Ling (Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CleanTech Region Impact Group), Vlasios Oikonomou (Managing Director, Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy), Jenny Curtis (Director of Commercial and Development, Vattenfall Heat), Sandra van Maarseveen (Director Customer Services, Eneco), Jonas Stenbeck (Director of Consumer Sales, Nordics, Vattenfall), Christianna Logan (Director of Customers and Stakeholders, SSEN Transmission), Berto Martins (Director of Short-Term Asset Optimization, Europe, EDP)

Name: Future of Utilities

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