Data Management ThinkLab on April 18-19, 2024 in Prague, Czechia

Data Management ThinkLab on April 18-19, 2024 in Prague, Czechia

The most engaging data management event of 2024 is going to happen in Prague! Yes, you read that right - this time, we are hosting our event right in the heart of our ThinkLinkers headquarter in the most charming city of Europe!

This is an event that puts in the spotlight the value of Data and celebrates YOU, Data Management professionals, as agents of change, set to skillfully handle the HOW and WHY, the Yin and Yang of successful Data Management.

Interactive Q&A, roundtables, panel discussions and networking time will blur the line between speakers and participants, connecting people, ideas and weaving together stories of success as well as failure.

  • Data Management as the springboard for Innovation
  • A Business case for Generative AI
  • Data Governance - Centralised? Federated? Hybrid?
  • The Power of Communication and Soft Skills
  • Woman in Data and why it is so important
  • Data Quality as the cornerstone of trust in Data Products
  • Applied Data Mesh
  • Data Management and Data Analytics: 10X the value of your Data
  • The Role of a Data Manager in the AI & Automation age
  • How Product Information / Digital Shelf Can Help You Transform Data Management Activities ? 
  • How to tell your Data Story
  • The Yin and Yang of Data Management: Technology and People
  • MDM & Automation: real uses cases
  • Woman in Data 
  • The carrot and the stick: using fear and desire to propel your Data Journey
  • The importance of Data Quality and Data Observability for building reliable Data Products and Successful AI Initiatives
  • Data Management: from inception - to strategy - to execution
  • Build a future-proof enterprise fuelled by Data
  • Data Governance: Slow Down to Go Faster
  • The Evolution of Data Management and Its Influence on Modern Business Capabilities 

Name: Thinklinkers

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