Comparative School Counseling - International Conference on June 26-27, 2023 in Sofia, Bulgaria

The mission of this international conference is to develop and establish a new comparative research field that could be called Comparative School Counseling.

The Conference offers the following benefits:


  •     Respecting all participants regardless of their race, nationality, personality, origin, sex, religion, occupation, education.
  •     Keeping friendly atmosphere and polite communication.
  •     Establishing contacts between people from different parts of the world.
  •     Providing excellent opportunities for oral presentations and discussions by giving a 30-minute time slot to each presentation.
  •     Including abstracts in the Conference Program.
  •     Publishing full papers.
  •     Awarding Certificates of Participation to all participants.


This Conference is for:

  •     Policy makers
  •     Academic staff
  •     Researchers
  •     PhD students
  •     Master’s students
  •     School counselors
  •     School counselor educators
  •     School inspectors
  •     Education consultants
  •     School principals
  •     Teachers
  •     Psychologists
  •     Social workers
  •     Special needs therapists
  •     Mediators
  •     Policy advocates in NGOs and professional associations




  • Section 1: School Counseling Policies
  • Section 2: School Counseling Education & Training
  • Section 3: School Counseling Practices

Name: Bulgarian Comparative Education Society
Address: Blvd Shipchenski prohod 69 A 1574 Sofia, Bulgaria i[email protected]

Description Price Date
Standard registration fee EUR 90.00 Before March 31, 2023
Previous participant registration fee EUR 70.00 Before March 31, 2023