China Green Aluminium Summit on May 27-28, 2024 in Shanghai, China

China Green Aluminium Summit on May 27-28, 2024 in Shanghai, China

Event Background

China is the world's largest producer of primary aluminium, commanding nearly 60% of the global market, while the total carbon emissions also remain at a comparable level. According to the statistics of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, China's non-ferrous industry emitted around 660 million tons carbon dioxide. Among these emissions, the aluminum industry contributed 550 million tons, representing a staggering 83.3% of the total emissions from the non-ferrous sector and approximately 5% of the country's overall emissions (which were estimated at around 11 billion tons in 2022). Consequently, it is imperative for aluminium related enterprises to proactively manage carbon footprint and adopt environmentally-friendly measures to support China in achieving its dual-carbon strategic objectives.

The 2nd China Green Aluminum Summit 2024 will continue focusing on the aluminum sustainable development in the "dual carbon" era, combined with best practice/insights of enterprises, tot topics on China's green aluminum trend, path to reach net zero, short, medium and long-term decarbonization solutions (aluminum recycling, inert anode, CCUS), green energy transition, carbon reduction proposal in aluminum life cycle, low-carbon guidance from aluminium upstream to downstream, CBAM will be discussed, aiming to provide reference for aluminum-related companies to develop sustainably and promoting greener development.


Event Date/ Location / Organizer

May 27-28,2024 / Shanghai, China/ ECV International

The summit will be held in-person and online.

Simultaneous interpretation (mutual translation between Chinese and English) is provide.


Hot topics

  • 2024 China Green Aluminum Trends and Prospects
  • Net Zero Roadmap for Aluminum Industry under the Background of "Dual Carbon"
  • Aluminum Life Cycle Carbon Footprint Assessment and Carbon Reduction Proposal
  • Inert Anode Technology -- Making Net Zero Aluminium Possible
  • Decarbon Aluminum Industry with CCUS Technology to Net Zero
  • Green Hydrogen Fuels Facilitate Zero-carbon Aluminum Production
  • Closing the Loop on Aluminium Scrap to Minimise Carbon Emissions
  • Understand CBAM to Promote the Low-carbon Transition of Chinese Aluminum Industry
  • ……


Industry Sectors

Consulting ; Aluminium alloys ; Construction industry ; Raw/Recycled aluminium ; rocessing solution ; Sorting and separation solution ; Association ; Semi-products ; Auto Component ; Primary aluminium ; Automotive industry ; Metal Exchange ; Smelting/Heat processing solution ; Decarbonization process solution ; Recycled aluminium ; Packaging industry ; Certification


The 2nd China Green Aluminium Summit 2024 is looking forward to your arrival !

If you are interested in participating in the summit, you can visit our official website or email us.

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Offline ticket EUR 1665.00 Before May 27, 2024
Online ticket EUR 1024.00 Before May 27, 2024
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