China Digital Marketing And Ecommerce Innovation Summit DMES on March 28-29, 2024 in Shanghai, China

China Digital Marketing And Ecommerce Innovation Summit (DMES) March 28, 2024 - Shanghai, China

Driven by technological advancements, demand-side factors, and supply-side dynamics, social media and e-commerce platforms are increasingly converging. The industry chain model of “content + live streaming + e-commerce” continues to optimize, creating bidirectional connections between consumers seeking products and products finding consumers. Content commerce is gradually characterized by three key features: capturing user attention through interest-based content, constructing immersive consumption experiences with diverse content formats, and driving product flow through content-driven recommendations based on consumer interests. Additionally, content commerce and e-commerce content are the two primary models within the content commerce domain.

The primary objective of this summit is to offer deeper insights into the ever-evolving landscape of brand marketing, illuminate the latest trends in e-commerce operations, reduce customer acquisition and operational expenses, and systematically address the challenges faced by marketing and e-commerce professionals across six key thematic areas.


Event Date/ Location / Organizer

March 28-29,2024 / Shanghai, China/ ECV International

The summit will be held in-person and online.

Simultaneous interpretation (mutual translation between Chinese and English) is provide.


Hot topics

Digital Operations Practices for Retail Brands

Empowering E-commerce Operations with AIGC: Driving E-commerce Intelligence Development

Rationalizing the Online and Offline Channel Strategies for Jewelry Brands to Achieve Growth

Expanding the Boundaries of Cross-Promotion for Brands

How to Utilize Data Science for Precise Identification and Innovate Social Content for Brand‘s Key Targeted Consumers

ABM+AI: Unveiling Key Strategies for To-B Growth

Seizing Opportunities for Marketing Growth in the AIGC Era for B2B Enterprises



DMES 2024-The 14th China Digital Marketing And Ecommerce Innovation Summit is looking forward to your arrival !

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