CCW Executive Exchange on March 12-14, 2023 in Atlanta, United States

The CCW Executive Exchange is part of the world's largest customer contact event series. This invitation-only event is built for today's senior CX and Customer Contact Leaders as they aim to benchmark, connect, and identify solutions to critical business challenges in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Benchmarking: With over 25 highly crafted sessions reflecting strategic issues senior executives have identified as priorities, take a two-fold approach to address both customer experience & employee experience.

Networking: Because of the unique structure of the Exchange, networking is more productive with shared challenges, insights and goals during scheduled activities and an exclusive site tour.

Project Analysis: Your particular issues are put under the spotlight and with an open mind you can embrace the potential solutions that will emerge through group discussions.

1:1 Business Meetings: Shorten your RFP Cycle! Take part in one-to-one business private business meetings with solution providers that can help you navigate your biggest challenges.

Name: Customer Management Practice
Address: 535 5th Avenue

We’re a group passionate about all things customer management. Innovation and growth within our sector drives and motivates us to do what we do every day. Our work involves bringing you the latest industry trends through extensive market research, reporting and events.