Annual Congress on Genetic Engineering and Human Genetic Disorder on March 27-29, 2023 in London, United Kingdom

PULSUS Conferences take honor and pleasure in welcoming the participants for the “2nd Annual Congress on Genetic Engineering and Human Genetic Disorder” set on Mar 27-29, 2023, in London, UK. By assembling scientific specialists for the enthralling event, we take a giant step toward Genetic Engineering 2023.

The conference is themed “Perspective towards modern automation in Genetics” and aims to promote the world's most prominent scientific specialists in the fields of Genetics and Illnesses, Molecular genetics, Genomics, Gene mutation, Clinical genetics, and hereditary disorders.

Genetic Engineering 2023 is the appropriate combination of circumstances to outstretch the convergence of the partaker throughout the planet. Let us combine, demonstrate, transfer, and collaborate with the most recent technologists to investigate the subjects of Genetics and Disorder and curative measures for genetic disorders, which gives the best impression with new drug innovations and developments, and receive name recognition and certificates from our world-class prestigious committee members during these three days. The conference's hallmarks include famous speakers from around the world, the latest methodology, progress, and news in Genetic engineering and Human Genetic Disorder, and associated debates.

Join us for Genetic Engineering 2023, a rare agreement that will bring together the world's most famous industrialists and researchers in the fields of Genetics and Genetic Disorders, Gene Therapy, Cytogenetics, and more.

Track 1 : Healthcare

Track 2 : Human Genetics

Track 3 : Molecular Genetics

Track 4 : Medical genetics

Track 5 : Population genetics

Track 6 : Pediatrics and Genetics

Track 7 : Statistical Genetics

Track 8 : Genetic Disorders

Track 9 : Genomics

Track 10 : Clinical genetics

Track 11 : Gene mutation

Track 12 : Gene Mapping

Track 13 : Genetic analysis of DNA structure

Track 14 : Gene therapy

Track 15 : Genetic counselling

Track 16 : Genetic Epidemiology

Track 17 : Chromosomal abnormality

Track 18 : Cytogenetic

Track 19 : Neuro Genetics

Track 20 : Diagnosis and Prognosis of Inborn Disorders

Track 21 : Remedy for Hereditary Ailments

Track 22 : Ethical and Legal Issues

Track 23 : Cancer Genetics

Track 24 : Reproductive Genetics / Prenatal Genetics

Name: Pulsus Conference

Spearheading the Transformation of Medical Research into Knowledge through Scientific Gatherings and Networking
Description Price Date
Speaker Registration EUR 799.00 Before December 30, 2022
Delegate registration EUR 699.00 Before December 30, 2022
YRF EUR 499.00 Before December 30, 2022
Student Delegate EUR 399.00 Before December 30, 2022
E-Poster presentation EUR 100.00 Before December 30, 2022
Video presentation EUR 599.00 Before December 30, 2022
Exhibition EUR 2999.00 Before January 30, 2023