Abu Dhabi Wound Care Conference on March 09-10, 2024 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Join us for an innovative and stimulating 15th Wound Care Conference in 2024, where we will explore the continuous advancements in wound care. Our theme focuses on innovations and evidence-based strategies that lead to better patient outcomes. This event is designed for healthcare professionals dedicated to improving patient care through the latest research findings and cutting-edge practices.

Be part of an unparalleled networking experience, connect with experts, researchers, clinicians, and industry professionals to share knowledge and insights. Together, we will shape the future of wound care by exploring the latest techniques, technologies, and breakthroughs. Let's collaborate, discuss, and elevate wound healing, diabetic foot prevention, management, skin tears, and more.

As a certified organization, we prioritize compliance with the MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice. Join us for this transformative event and make a difference in everyday skin and wound practice.

15th Abu Dhabi Wound Care Conference Event Tracks

March 9, 2024 (Day 1)

Track 1 - Conference Hall A

  • Session 1 - Revolutionizing Wound Care: From Science to Practice
  • Session 2 - Emerging Technologies in Wound Healing

Track 2 - Conference Hall A

  • Session 3 - Lunch and Symposium
  • Session 4 - Advancements in Diabetic Wound Care
  • Session 5 - Psychological and Emotional Aspects of Wound Healing

Track 3 - Conference Hall B-A

  • Session 6 - Lunch and Symposium
  • Session 7 -Wound Care in Geriatric/Pediatric Patients
  • Session 8 - Patient Education and Empowerment

Track 4 - Conference Hall B-B,C

  • Session 9 - Lunch and Symposium
  • Session 10 - Health Economy Impact in Wound Care: Balancing Costs and Quality of Care
  • Session 11 - Reimbursement Policies and Wound Care

Track 5 - Conference Hall B-D

  • Session 12 - Lunch and Symposium
  • Session 13 - Abstracts
  • Session 14 - Abstracts

March 10, 2024 (Day 2)

Track 1 - Conference Hall A

  • Session 15 - Health Economic Implications of Chronic Wound Management
  • Session 16 - Infection Control Strategies in Wound Management

Track 2 - Conference Hall A

  • Session 17 - Lunch and Symposium
  • Session 18 - Interdisciplinary Wound Management
  • Session 19 - Regenerative Therapies and Tissue Engineering

Track 3 - Conference Hall B-A

  • Session 20 - Lunch and Symposium
  • Session 21 - Preventive Wound Care Strategies and Cost Effectiveness
  • Session 22 - Holistic Approaches and Patient-Centric Solutions

Track 4 - Conference Hall B-B,C

Session 23 - Lunch and Symposium

Session 24 -Technology and Health Economics in Wound Care

Session 25 -Policy and Decision-Making in Wound Care Financing

Track 5 - Conference Hall B-D

Session 26 - Lunch and Symposium

Session 27 - Abstracts

Session 28 - Abstracts


For Abstract Submission,

1. Go to https://www.iiwcg.com/

2. Find "15th ADWCC" and click "Abstract Submission".

3. Find and follow steps on "Abstract Submission Process".



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Name: International Interprofessional Wound Care Group
Website: https://www.iiwcg.com/
Address: Syscoms College Building, Opp. Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, 4th Floor 402 - Abu Dhabi

International Inter-professional Wound Care Group (IIWCG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing skin, health and wound management in United Arab Emirates and other Countries in the region. Dedicated IIWCC graduates work to improve the health of Clients at risk for skin breakdown and the practice of the health-care professionals who care for them.